Thursday, July 6, 2023

"Art in the Valley"

A big thanks to all who contributed to the art show community poem on July 1 & 2! 
Here is the result of your words (and my wordsmithing): 

Art in the Valley


Mountains in bloom. Walking past

cow patties into the womb of art.

Into the womb of everything.

Into my senses—I hold this bowl you made

—I look at your face and hold this bowl

you made. Summertime mountains and forest

are holding me in a luscious embrace.

And the dogs understand…

sweltering songs, surrounded by visions

of imagination. The tools are not what they seem.

Ceramic pages—stiff, but not frozen.

We all stare. Awaiting the rain. Waiting.

People wait for trains. There are so many people

passing through who are just on a journey.


Life in the valley provides

people when you want them, solitude

when you need it most. Lush green rolling hills,

the beauty of the hollow. Who knew the music

and the rain both help us grow?

Worries melting away. Say! When will the muse

strike? Brought on by a light breeze…

rain shouldn’t feel so heavy, should it?

Disappointment, discouragement.

The rub. There are too many words, some lost,

some found. Aha! Tools bent to a new purpose.

We all need a poetry moment. Soothing souls.

What if we’re best together?

Brought together in a wooded paradise.


~ voices of poetry table visitors at Art on Cullers Run 2023

(assembled by Charise M. Hoge)

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