another daydream

another daydream

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Poetry in Locomotion



It's that time of year, and DC is getting ready to celebrate the arts. I'm thrilled to be joining this event for the fourth go-around, sharing poetry with fellow riders of the streetcar. This is, literally, poetry in motion... or locomotion.

You can catch as little or as much as you like 
of "Let's Go Poetry!" from 8:00 to 9:00 pm September 30 while riding DC's streetcar on H Street.

Thank you to the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities for supporting local artists. 


Thursday, September 14, 2023

"Cumbersome Summer"

Cumbersome Summer


Japanese maple masquerades

as an ostrich, those leafy plumes

bushing out atop the slender leg


… we did a new planting, digging in

where the grass gave up and died


now the coral bells, astilbes, hostas

rabbits ravage, yet I’m rooting

for this garden to astonish


to come back with a vengeance

the bite taken out of her


to prosper as I hover over

this scrappy patch,

skimpy plumes pining for water,


upturned worm wriggling dirt’s desire,

a tiny Eden in the making


and here are two sling-back chairs,

one for you… be my companion,

like the ostrich too heavy-laden to fly.  







Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Up-and-Coming Book

Some say you can jinx a project with an announcement before it's a sure thing. I'm going to take a chance and give some credence to the work that's going on behind the scenes, a new book. The photo here hints at the title. Any guesses? 

I'll sprinkle some other hints along the way, in future posts... a treasure hunt of sorts, until we're publication ready. This will be a full length collection. Thank you for being present as an imagined reader. You're in this project with me from the get-go.


Monday, August 7, 2023

"Wild Goose Chase"


Such strange synchronicity! Ten years ago, on August 4th, I experienced sudden loss of hearing––a milestone that coincided with receiving this issue of The Examined Life on the same date. My poem, “Wild Goose Chase,” gives an idea of the hunt for treatment and relief for resounding tinnitus (there isn’t, as yet, a cure). Maybe you, or someone you know, has this condition. Coping is a constant; and, for me, writing has been revelatory. Sometimes you get knocked sideways to show up in a new way.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

More Art (on Cullers Run)

My youngest visitor, an aspiring poet...



Welcoming visitors, one and all...



Close of day in the Lost River Valley...



Thursday, July 6, 2023

"Art in the Valley"

A big thanks to all who contributed to the art show community poem on July 1 & 2! 
Here is the result of your words (and my wordsmithing): 

Art in the Valley


Mountains in bloom. Walking past

cow patties into the womb of art.

Into the womb of everything.

Into my senses—I hold this bowl you made

—I look at your face and hold this bowl

you made. Summertime mountains and forest

are holding me in a luscious embrace.

And the dogs understand…

sweltering songs, surrounded by visions

of imagination. The tools are not what they seem.

Ceramic pages—stiff, but not frozen.

We all stare. Awaiting the rain. Waiting.

People wait for trains. There are so many people

passing through who are just on a journey.


Life in the valley provides

people when you want them, solitude

when you need it most. Lush green rolling hills,

the beauty of the hollow. Who knew the music

and the rain both help us grow?

Worries melting away. Say! When will the muse

strike? Brought on by a light breeze…

rain shouldn’t feel so heavy, should it?

Disappointment, discouragement.

The rub. There are too many words, some lost,

some found. Aha! Tools bent to a new purpose.

We all need a poetry moment. Soothing souls.

What if we’re best together?

Brought together in a wooded paradise.


~ voices of poetry table visitors at Art on Cullers Run 2023

(assembled by Charise M. Hoge)

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Poetry Outdoors

Poetry books tend to live on shelves, but sometimes they want an airing. I'm imagining that my books will benefit from two days outdoors at the upcoming Art on Cullers Run Festival, July 1 and 2. The outdoor setting is the Lost River Valley of West Virginia.
Look for the signs that bring you to: 460 Cullers Run Rd, Mathias, WV 26812. Artists will be there 10:00 am-5:00 pm both days, in tents, studios, and porches! Oh, my!