another daydream

another daydream

Monday, August 2, 2021

"Higher Ground"

 Higher Ground

            for Khet Thi and the others


I am a vine

climbing through empty nymph casings of Brood X

summer droplets of rain in the Northern Hemisphere

plastic sheaths of tossed newspapers 


The World section coverage of a strange exodus 

“Northbound Wild Elephant Eating and Walking Tour” 
bordering Myanmar a herd has left its habitat


military coup quashes new flowering of freedoms 
underfoot a cri de coeur ignored is quivering 
toward higher ground the call is borne

ghosted poets are carried on the backs of pachyderms 
away from a host of atrocities away from
disquieting lands to become legend


August marks six months since the military coup in Myanmar #justiceformyanmar 


Monday, July 12, 2021

Art Show Word Collage

Here is the community poem from Art on Cullers Run 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated––these are your wonderful words, not mine. By using a poetic technique called erasure, I chose parts of phrases to blend with other parts of phrases. Enjoy!

Art Show Word Collage

Mountains speak.

Crowds gather 
in response, in fellowship.

The new of the old jolly tune.

Art is here, everywhere.

Echoes of grace 

escape the urban graveyard 

to bask in the breeze, the sunlight. 

Smiles nibble away 

a life hidden.
Welcome home to yourself.

What could be better?

A day is all.

I stall and scribble.

I’m not creative…at all, at all.

"Muse chair" in the poetry tent
Empathy is the way. 

Enter this church and worship art:

earth, fire, water, wind, and even metal,

light bending through glass.

Words are a beautiful window

…healing, magic. 

Life’s humor unmatched.

I’m so inspired by the artists, their creations.

How can I compare to this?

The divine resides in all of us…

hummingbirds, owls, fox. 

Green gateway to another way.

You are always home. 

Stay or stay away until…


I’ve talked to so many people 

who might become friends.




Wednesday, July 7, 2021

And 1,2,3...presto!

The poetry tent was prepared and the people came. It was a busy weekend at Art on Cullers Run. We remembered how to talk to strangers, converse about life and art, share inspiration and stories. Thirty-three of you contributed to a community building poem, which will soon be shared. I'm shaping it into its best form with the flow of many voices. Stay tuned...

Warm wishes,

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Arts Festival is Happening

This postcard is similar to the one shared in 2019–same event, same location, same Fourth of July weekend. The difference? This says 2021, and by saying 2021 it's saying that we can do this––we can reemerge, travel, gather and enjoy the arts. This is an hallelujah moment. 

I'm happy to be hosting a poetry table in the beautiful mountains of the George Washington National Forest. Mathias is about a two and a half hour drive from the nation's capital. We invite you to partake in nature and creativity to celebrate this year's July 4th holiday. 

Warm wishes,


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

"French Kiss"

This one's for my fellow military spouses, and anyone wanting to connect with our experiences.

"French Kiss" was published on Memorial Day in As You Were: The Military Review, Vol.14 
(journal of Military Experience and the Arts):

While you are there, take a look at other poems and stories. The choices are rich. 

Warm wishes,

Monday, April 26, 2021

Book Release

This is the part where the author announces her book release, and lets you know how much she values poetry in print, on paper. Some of the poems for Muse in a Suitcase were originally shared on this blog, and I have removed them to honor their life as a themed collection. It's ironic (or not) that during a global pandemic this collection of poetry is based in travel, expatriate living, heritage, migration, wishful thinking, presence of place and culture. We begin in Israel, move through places such as France, Panama, India, Italy, Morocco, and back to my home in the United States.  

If you'd like to take that journey with me, the chapbook is available from Amazon as well as directly from the publisher:

A rare selfie, with proof copy

Warm wishes,

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

"Study Break"

 Study Break


spring       like another

when the future       spreads out 
wide       as a field
first times       for such       and such 
seemingly       far       looming soon


outside the classroom       books set 
aside       the dandelions       call       
my name       


plentiful yellow       deigning    
to pop up       as I bellyflop       to them       
knot their stems       

round round       for a tiara       
to wear       the rest of       an afternoon

Photo by Natalia Luchanko