another daydream

another daydream

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Author and Artist

Meet Rahela Majidi, the artist for the cover of Striking Light from Ashes. She emigrated from Afghanistan to the United States two years ago. She is a self-taught artist, without the luxury of materials or art teachers while living in her native country. Rahela was the only girl from her village to go to university, after passing the required high school exam. And her mission with painting, both oils and watercolors, is "Dreaming Peace through Art". 

In her own words: "As an Afghan woman, I fought for basic rights to education and freedom for myself and many other girls in Afghanistan for a long time. I have since left my beloved country to live in freedom in America. However, everyday, I dream that women in my country will achieve freedom from repression...I have decided to dedicate my life to express this dream through my painting." The image on the cover of the chapbook is titled "Reaching for the Sun". To see more of her work visit: