another daydream

another daydream

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Visitors Voice a Poem

Thanks to all who contributed to the arts festival community poem!

Art on Cullers Run 2022


Some of us in the car had doubt.

Look, Ma! A steel chicken!

Even our dog stares mesmerized.

We press on to more unknowns.

Winding country roads lead to artists

who answer questions.

I realized my work was going “dark”––

so I moved on to the next project.

When you think you’ve gone too far

and you’ve missed it, keep on going.

I painted my way out of darkness.

Traveling with the long-skirted wind

that walks these hills.


Escape from solitude into community.

20 years in this place, don’t I know that face?

Even narrow roads widen horizons.

The view makes the coffee taste better.

On the hottest days, the art is cool.

Tranquility in bird songs, simple words,

lasting friendships. The light show

of fireflies luminous. Newlyweds

on a minimoon. Beautiful art

feeds the soul wherever we go.

Everyone here is on the same page.

The web of life, continually rewoven.



~ voices of poetry table visitors, arranged by Charise Hoge


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