another daydream

another daydream

Monday, July 12, 2021

Art Show Word Collage

Here is the community poem from Art on Cullers Run 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated––these are your wonderful words, not mine. By using a poetic technique called erasure, I chose parts of phrases to blend with other parts of phrases. Enjoy!

Art Show Word Collage

Mountains speak.

Crowds gather 
in response, in fellowship.

The new of the old jolly tune.

Art is here, everywhere.

Echoes of grace 

escape the urban graveyard 

to bask in the breeze, the sunlight. 

Smiles nibble away 

a life hidden.
Welcome home to yourself.

What could be better?

A day is all.

I stall and scribble.

I’m not creative…at all, at all.

"Muse chair" in the poetry tent
Empathy is the way. 

Enter this church and worship art:

earth, fire, water, wind, and even metal,

light bending through glass.

Words are a beautiful window

…healing, magic. 

Life’s humor unmatched.

I’m so inspired by the artists, their creations.

How can I compare to this?

The divine resides in all of us…

hummingbirds, owls, fox. 

Green gateway to another way.

You are always home. 

Stay or stay away until…


I’ve talked to so many people 

who might become friends.




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