Monday, February 24, 2020

Did Someone Say Ulalume?

There's a burgeoning journal called Ulalume Lighthouse
where you'll find two of my poems, published a few days ago. They've both debuted here on the blog, and by sharing a page at this journal, they sound like a picnic.


  1. Hello there! I was Googling around to find info about this journal, as I paid to enter a contest it was holding almost a year ago and never heard back. I checked in recently, no reply, and I see their site is now defunct. I’m wondering if you might have any info? Cheers

  2. Sorry, no. I've gotten the same result as you––the website is gone. Sad, as this was a promising journal. It could be fallout from the pandemic situation. I'll be moving "Eating Nasturtiums" over to my next chapbook, due out in April. On that note, I hope that you forward your poem(s) to other journals. All the Best!