another daydream

another daydream

Monday, December 17, 2018

Ring in the Ghazal!

Play It By Ear

Like the pallu of a sari flapping on a motorcycle ride, ire will rise
––with a push of speedy air, that blaze of color, like ire, will rise.

We argued about language, as if it amounts to a ratio of rice and water,
each part of speech counted in cups, enough (in my mind) to kill sunrise.

Our visits were scanty, but in the ache of your birthday, nearly broke, you
scored twenty dollars (I found) on our path––aha––walking till moonrise.

Ah, if the chair has been yanked, as well as the house and land, I’ll take:
a journal, a mirror, and a carpet––to reach some other side of fulfill, arise!

The care of oddities, like a nocturlabe, is how I ace what the hare in the moon
does chase––the sea and strands of seaweed mussing my hair before I’ll rise. 


[Anagrams from the name Charise feature in this ghazal poem: ear, sari, ire, rise, air, as, rice, each, ache, aha, ah, chair, has, reach, arise, care, is, ace, hare, chases, sea, hair.]