Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fable and Feast

November Fable

As I bathe the bird in the kitchen sink,
a red foxfirst guest of the dayvisits
the stone lantern set in the backyard.

Daughter is cooking up a meaning
for what we view outside
symbol or omenas the dryer
fluffs the tablecloth.

This is the first year of a feast
without any grandparent to be seated.
No need of a dishcloth bib, or sturdy mug
in lieu of crystal goblet.
My father-in-law is making other rounds.

It’s the lantern he bought for a Japanese wife
––the one he threw a party for when she was
moving to Hawaii with another man, a good friend.
We had no palate for the news, but he knew––
he knew from the start she would briefly alight.