Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Spread

Thanksgiving with a Vegetarian

When she said , "Would you pass the turkey?", a curtain of belief parted and the foul meat eaters were pardoned. The question wafted over platters of root vegetables and chestnuts, cornbread stuffing with chunked apples and pecans, garlic and parslied mashed potatoes, ginger cranberry sauce, mixed greens and fennel salad. It sweetened the meal, in the great balance of accommodating guests. For I knew that this annual exception to her diet relied on nostalgia for tradition as well as two glasses of wine "as a digestif". At our table, every crystal goblet had been filled with sparkling cider - in solidarity for the one daughter whose daily sustenance is sobriety. It was a good year for cider, robust aftertaste of gratitude, taste after taste.