another daydream

another daydream

Friday, February 16, 2024

By Request

There are many ways that poetry happens, and one way is by request. Each time I've been commissioned to write a piece, it has felt like a blessing. In one case, a blessing on the pandemic; in another case, a blessing on a life suddenly ended. This is sacred work––to be entrusted to create a tribute, elegy, or ode for a specific person or scenario. 

A commissioned poem is never shared by me without permission. It's typically private, a gift. In our era of sharing everything under the sun, I keep some work out of the public eye. This is my code of ethics. 

In times of grieving, of doubt, of loneliness, art can be an answer. I've worked as a dance therapist for many years. My mindset is that art is healing. Poetry heals. Find a poem that moves you. Remember that you can ask for one that hasn't come into existence, that's waiting to be born.

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