another daydream

another daydream

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

"Take a Poem, Leave a Poem"

A park ranger who is also a poet has figured out how to place poetry in the park via a nightstand. "Take a poem, leave a poem" is the cue for a passerby to pause. As someone invested in bridging poetry and community, I love this project. 

Art by JR Korpa

Some of the original writing left in the nightstand is making its way to Instagram. This means that a form of publication is happening from unexpected sources––from people whose poems would never be shared so widely. And this excites me. Good poetry can be showcased outside of journals, magazines, or books. And, good poetry can surface randomly, in the park, prompted by a piece of furniture and the encouragement to settle into an inner voice.

Read the story here:

Read some of the handwritten poetry on Instagram at ccsf_p4p (Poetry for the People).

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