another daydream

another daydream

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Patchwork Poem: Writers of The Washington Post

 January 6, 2021

Breaching the barriers

––their flags and banners 

snapping in the cold wind––

sprawling crowd 

shouting, chanting.

Nobody stopped them.

A sickening sight unfurls––

the flags and the onslaught.

Crowds climbed up scaffolding,

surged up the steps,

defied orders to disperse,

breached the capitol.

Our naivete was a talisman 

against disorder. 

The marauders freely roamed,

strolling through the statuaries. 
Precious artifacts were paraded 
around as props and prizes.

It happened because we refused 
to believe it could happen.

A sickening sight unfurls. 

Your gas masks are under your chairs.

This souring sentiment 

may lead to more violence.

This blindness to cataclysm

snapping in the cold wind.



Writers of The Washington Post: Dan Balz, Rebecca Tan, Peter Jamison, Meagan Flynn, John Woodrow Cox, Marc Fisher, Jessica Contrera, Carol D. Leonnig, Aaron C. Davis, Dan Lamothe, David A. Fahrenthold, Phillip Kennicott, Philip Rucker, Maura Judkis, Ellen McCarthy, Marissa J. Lang



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