another daydream

another daydream

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

"Letter from Bundi City"

Letter from Bundi City

If you were still standing
in your Mississippi kitchen
cooking okra you had sliced
and coated with corn meal,
I would tell you that in India
they prepare them whole,
called ladyfingers,
at this rooftop café
wrapped by barbed wire
to keep the monkeys at bay.

There’s a view of the palace
and few visitors
to these ruins of grandeur,
yet someone sprinkled red
rose petals on the marble throne;
and a flock of schoolchildren
press and plead for my autograph,
as if any foreign blond be praised.

It’s best to walk behind a cow
that is divinely carefree
like your great-granddaughters
(there are two now),
as motorbikes whiz past shops
with colorful cloth to sell;
and I would tell you thanks
for the patchwork quilt
you nearly finished sewing.