another daydream

another daydream

Monday, April 24, 2017

Statue Stand-Off

 Sonnet for a Statue, Wall Street

She’s not a bullfighter,
may have lived next door
or once your daughter.

“Fearless Girl” has no score 
to settle, but a stance
sorely familiar as if always
defining defiance
of bullies who raise
backs spineless never
ask permission to rig
the skies or monopolize terra
firma. Formidable, she can dig
into her burgeoning being,
like a star from nebula freeing.


["Fearless Girl" statue, by Kristen Visbal, was installed March 7, 2017 as a representation of the need for more leadership by women in the financial industry. It faces the "Raging Bull" statue, whose sculptor has asked for its removal so that his art doesn't appear chauvinistic, according to recent news.]