another daydream

another daydream

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

thanks to france

 Ode to the big tomato

This is not a poem about Italy
or Manhattan
but Paris
during junior year abroad
where two blocks along
the Rue de Seine
three American girls
shopped by the half kilo
for salad ingredients
to toss together
in the closet size kitchen
we shared
at our apartment
with tall windows
open to the street
one flight of stairs above
cars bumping gently
back and forth
to parallel park;
maybe it was Anita
who bought the first tomatoes
while I asked for a baguette,
for I never ate them,
devoid of flavor at the supermarket
but here, in the sixth arrondissement,
where we studied history,
urban planning, French literature
and parlance,
in this city where we chose to spend
our twentieth year,
I gained from a tomato
the experience of taste.